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Rich Froning x ACTIV Eyewear Sunglasses

$ 124.00 $ 199.00
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 THE STORY BEHIND 6:14 “When I began reading my Bible seriously in 2011, competition had become my idol and I found my worth from success. That year, I came across Galatians 6:14. The verse resonated with me so much that I had the reference tattooed on my side. Since then, I include “Gal. 6:14” anytime that I sign an autograph. This always reminds me that it’s not about who I am, but who I am in Jesus; it’s not about what I do, but what he has done for me.”
— Rich Froning

A limited edition release of 1000 units only, his series sports customizations including the Rich Froning *R logo on the rubber performance tips, engraved signature on the lens, and the GAL.6:14 bible verse imprinted on the arm to match his renowned tattoo.

Product Details

  • Material:  100% stretch-resistant silicone
  • Exterior Design: GAL. 6:14
  • Interior Design: Rich Froning Signature 
  • Custom individual numbered signature card (ie. 1/1000)
  • ACTIV x Rich Froning microfiber pouch
  • Rich Froning signature cleaning cloth
  • BONUS ACTIV x Rich Froning sports hard case