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What will I learn from this eBook?

-Understand how many calories you need to eat to maximize performance and burn fat.

-Correctly balance your macronutrient intake for your training and physique goals.

-Time your meals to get the most out of your nutrition.

-Select optimal foods to fuel performance.

-Understand which supplements actually work and why.

-Improve your health with proper micronutrient intake and hydration.

-Periodize your diet for long term effectiveness.

-Dispel common diet myths and fads

-Improve your training with the included ‘Trinity Powerlifting Templates’

What makes the Renaissance Diet so successful at achieving diet results?

With so much information and misinformation available now about nutrition, you need sources you can trust. The authors of The Renaissance Diet combine scientific expertise with practical knowledge.

Dr. Mike Israetel, PhD in Sport Physiology and professor of Exercise Science at Temple University, handles the nutrition of top athletes in strength and physique sports and created The Renaissance Diet to help you perform better and get the body that you want.

Co-authored by Dr. Jennifer Case, PhD, a former professor of Exercise Science at the University of Central Missouri, a former Femme Fatales MMA World Champion, and the current IBJJF Master’s World Champion.

Also co-authored by Dr. James Hoffman, PhD, CSCS, a professor of Exercise Science at Temple University and a lifetime athlete, having reached high levels of competition in Rugby, American Football, and Wrestling.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds on our ebooks. All sales are final.

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